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Brian Bass (I) is running for the office of mayor of Suffolk because he believes in having city leadership that represents the needs of its citizens.

He believes in a transparent government that listens to citizens and takes action to make Suffolk a vibrant city that is an amazing place to live and work. He wants to attract businesses that will keep local talent in Suffolk, while balancing that business growth with Suffolk’s peaceful residential spaces.

Brian’s local government experience as a member of the Nansemond Indian Tribal Council has prepared him well for the demands of public office. He embraces the diversity of culture in Suffolk and supports funding the amenities of the city, like parks, libraries, community centers, and arts and recreation programs for everyone to enjoy. He is passionate about improving the city’s entire educational infrastructure, from teacher salaries to student test scores, and also about educating Suffolk’s citizens on pressing issues and how to resolve them.

For Brian’s full mission and vision for Suffolk’s future, please see his foundation’s Mission and Vision page.

Brian is a project manager for a local construction company, so he understands the need for organization and clear communication to make a project successful. As mayor of Suffolk, he can use these skills to implement his strategy to improve the responsiveness of city government to community interests and build a more unified Suffolk.

If you want a mayor who listens, who loves Suffolk, and is committed to making the city the best it can be, vote for Brian Bass on November 3rd, 2020.

Brian appreciates your vote and looks forward to serving you as Suffolk’s next mayor!

A word from Brian:

For the past 40 years I have had the privilege of living in the city that represents my heritage, going back to the Nansemond Indians. I love my hometown and I will do my best to make it a more vibrant city for everyone. My mission is to ensure our growth by bettering the city of Suffolk overall.

This is OUR city – all seven boroughs. It is time for us all to unite. We can accomplish so much through making our government more transparent, putting officials in office who listen to voters’ concerns, and having those officials do something about them. By coming together citywide as a whole, we can leverage the power in our unity.

My belief is that our government should be by the people, and for the people. My plan is to connect the City of Suffolk one borough at a time so that we can all move forward. Let’s all remember that from north to south and east to west, we are one Suffolk. 

Brian Bass

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